Dr. Benton Quest is one of the main characters of Hanna-Barbera's 1960s Jonny Quest series as well as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Network's 1990s re-imagining of classic JQ. He is a world-renowned scientist and phenomenologist. He is also Jonny's father and Hadji's adoptive father.

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Basic DataEdit


In-Universe Information Drquest photo
Full name: Dr. Benton Quest
Alias: Doc (by Race)
Age: Early fifties
Occupation: Scientist, investigator of unusual phenomena.
Spouse: Rachel Quest (wife, deceased)
Known relatives: Jonny Quest (son); Hadji Singh (adoptive son); Doug Wildey (father-in-law)
Physical features: Salt-and-pepper hair, beard/mustache, dark eyes (season one); red hair, graying at the temples, beard/mustache, dark eyes (season two).
Typical attire: Beige turtleneck shirt, grey suit jacket, slacks (season one)
Production Information
Created by: Joseph Barbera, Doug Wildey
Overall first appearance: Jonny Quest, episode 1: "The Mystery of the Druids"
TRAJQ first appearance: Episode 1, "The Darkest Fathoms"
Voiced by: George Segal (season one), John de Lancie (season two)


In-depth character backgroundEdit

Dr. Benton Quest is Jonny Quest's father a brilliant scientist and investigator of unusual phenomena. Recognized for his genius at a young age (universities offered bribes to his parents, Jonny's paternal grandparents, for his enrollment at age 16), Benton excelled at all areas of science, and even participated on archaeological digs—one of which allowed him to meet Alice Starseer. He later married Rachel Wildey, daughter of Doug Wildey, and came to work for the government. Rachel bore Benton a son, Jonathan, but was killed by an adversarial, undisclosed event some years later. The government assigned bodyguard Race Bannon to protect him, and Dr. Quest later adopted Hadji Singh. By the time of Real Adventures, he retired from government work and ran the very successful Quest Enterprises, offering his paid expertise as a phenomenologist to all ethical buyers from his base at the Quest Compound. Quest Enterprises sponsored its own line of credit cards, which Dr. Quest used (Return of the Anasazi).


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