Jessica "Jessie" Bannon is one of the main characters of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Network's 1990s reimagining of Hanna-Barbera's 1960s and 1980s Jonny Quest series. (She first appeared in the 1980s series.) She is Race's daughter, as well as Jonny and Hadji's best friend.

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Basic dataEdit


In-Universe Information Jessie photo
Full name: Jessica Bannon
Alias: Jessie, Jess, Ponchita (by Race), Ace (by Jonny)
Age: 15
Known relatives: Race Bannon (father), Estella Velasquez (mother) Jade Kenyon Bannon (mother's name in Jonny's Golden Quest)
Physical features: Red hair, green eyes
Typical attire: Green T-shirt, blue jeans (season one); purple leggings and long-sleeved T-shirt under a pink romper suit (season two)
Production Information
Created by: Joseph Barbera, Doug Wildey, Bill Hanna
Overall first appearance: TNAJQ (1980s series), episode 4: "Deadly Junket"
TRAJQ first appearance: Episode 1, "The Darkest Fathoms"
Voiced by: Jesse Douglas (season one), Jennifer Hale (season two)



In-depth character backgroundEdit

Jessie Bannon is Race Bannon's daughter by Estella Velasquez, and a good friend of Hadji Singh, Jonny Quest, and Dr. Benton Quest. She accompanies the Quest family on many of their adventures, providing another voice of intelligence in addition to Hadji's eastern approach and Jonny's impulsive resourcefulness. She identifies with Dr. Quest more than her father, and is eager to analyze new information and help in the course of Dr. Quest's phenomenology investigations. She's revealed in "Thoughtscape" to be very ambitious at heart, hoping to improve humanity through her dedicated effort and research. Her father often calls her by the nickname "Ponchita." The Dark Horse comic series includes a different origin for Jessie's mother in issues five and seven; she's an unnamed acquaintance of Race who died years ago, and Jessie went on an adventure to find treasure with the Quest team before revealing her identity as Race's daughter.

It is also implied by both fans and non-fans that she and Jonny have romantic feelings for each other as she hangs around with him equally as Hadji does. However in season 2 she has shown an interest in Hadji, but the Jonny/Jessie coupling still stood as shown in "Ghost Quest" while under the possession of the ghosts of Lady Caroline and Jean Leger and that Jonny is the only one who rescues Jessie when she is in a "damsel in distress" situation. She most likely has a crush on both the boys or that she likes Hadji and Jonny secretly has feelings for her.


Jessie is a little older, and therefore much more mature than the boys. She is also somewhat tomboyish, and often reluctant to go along with Jonny when it involves defying Dr. Quest or her father, Race. Jessie seems to idolize her father.


The creator's of the show wanted Jessie to be Jonny's love interest and a girl version of him in some ways.

She knows how to repair broken computer's, drive a quest bike in Questworld and rides a hoverboard like Jonny.