Jonathan Benton "Johnny" Quest is the main/title character of Hanna-Barbera's 1960s Johnny Quest series as well as The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, Cartoon Network's 1990s re imagining of classic JQ.

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In-Universe Information Jonny photo
Full name: Jonathan Benton Quest
Alias: Jonny
Age: 14
Known relatives: Dr. Benton Quest (father); Rachel Quest (mother, deceased); Hadji Singh (adoptive brother)
Physical features: light Blond hair, bright icy blue eyes and a athletic build
Typical attire: Black T-shirt, blue straight-legged jeans, white sneakers
Production Information
Created by: Joseph Barbera, Doug Wildey
Overall first appearance: Jonny Quest, episode 1: "The Mystery of the Druids"
TRAJQ first appearance: Episode 1, "The Darkest Fathoms"
Voiced by: J.D. Roth (season one), Quinton Flynn (season two), Kevin Smets (moviQuest



In-depth character backgroundEdit

Jonathan Benton "Jonny" Quest is the son of Dr. Benton Quest, and a good friend of Race Bannon, Hadji Singh, and Jessie Bannon.

An adventurous, impulsive youth, He accompanies his father's phenomenology experiments with relentless curiosity and positivity.

He has a pet bulldog named Bandit and plays drums (as shown in Quest Compound backgrounds in the Cover-Up at Roswell game).

He often tackles tough situations with straight-on action, contrasted to Jessie's careful intelligence and Hadji's fatalistic approach.

Rarely if ever obeying his father's wishes to stay put, he explores with charming alacrity, and identifies with Race Bannon's man-of-action lifestyle.

It's suggested by fans that he is secretly in love with Jessie Bannon.

This can be further supported by the episode. "Ghost Quest" as they were being possessed by Jean Leger and Lady Caroline and kissed after arguing and trying to drown each other.

This further supports the possibility as both ghosts resemble the older selves of Jonny and Jessie.

Jonny is a kind-hearted boy who's always up for an adventure, but hates studying and is always getting into some sort of danger.

He prefers to have fun.

When he makes a mistake, he is often working hard to make things right again.

He doesn't like people who harm animals and is often risking his life to stop poachers and other cruel people.

He is nicknamed: Hotshot, by Jessie and Jonny, by everyone else.

His dog, Bandit often helps rescue him and the other teens or helps find clues and things the teens or their dads miss.

He knows how to defend himself by using his fists as weapons.

He also knows judo as often shown in a lot of episodes where he throws people that are bigger than him over his shoulder.

His favorite sayings are: "This is too weird/cool for school." and "Slamming!"


Jonny's character is based off of the younger version of himself from the original Hannah-Barbara series.

The only difference is that he's supposed to be only a few years older.....and now is a computer genius.

They wanted his character to be a Jonny that kids these days could relate to.

Here's some out of this world things he can do at 13: repair computer's, fly an airplane, drive (sorta), drive a boat.

He can also ride a hoverboard.

The differences between the original Jonny Quest and the one of today is his hair style has changed, and he doesn't wear a black sweater anymore.

He now wears a black t-shirt and doesn't have an Elvis Presley like hairdo anymore.

His hair look's more like a boy's hair would actually look.

He is more muscular now, too.

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