Race Bannon

Roger T. "Race" Bannon is a special agent, bodyguard, and pilot from Intelligence One. After Dr. Quest's wife died, the government hired Race to protect Dr. Quest's son, Jonny. Governmental fears that Jonny could "fall into the wrong hands" resulted in Bannon's assignment to guard and tutor Jonny.

Race was born in Wilmette, Illinois, to John and Sarah Bannon. He is Jessie's father. He is an expert in fire-arms, judo, having a third-degree black belt as well as the ability to defeat noted experts in various martial arts, including sumo wrestlers.

Race is known for his charming wit, his white hair, and his button-flap red shirt. Race is not only the bodyguard for Jonny, but he also serves as tutor and care-giver. Race is also responsible with the care of Jonny's adopted brother, Hadji. It is thought that Race had a bit of a checkered past due to his romantic involvement with a woman known as Jade.

The character was voiced by Mike Road, with his design modeled on actor Jeff Chandler. The name is a combination of Race Dunhill and Stretch Bannon from an earlier Doug Wildey comic strip. The surname Bannon is Irish (from 'O'Banain') meaning "white".

The character of Race Bannon was in:

Race photo

The Adventures of Jonny Quest (1964) (26 Episodes)

Jonny Quest, Season 2 (1986) (13 Episodes)

Jonny's Golden Aventure (1993)

Jonny Quest vs The Cyber-Insects (1995)

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996)

There has been much speculation about the relationship that Race Bannon shared with Dr. Quest. However, despite there being subtle hints, their relationship is purely platonic. The two men's relationship has been lampooned by the media, hinting of a much more serious romantic relationship.

Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon appear in the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law episode "Bannon Custody Case" with Race Bannon voiced by Thom Pinto. Harvey Birdman had to represent Dr. Benton Quest when Race Bannon wants custody of Jonny and Hadji. Birdman later represents Dr. Quest and Race Bannon when the couple apply for a same-sex marriage in the espisode, 'The Return of Birdgirl.' The Adult Swim animated series The Venture Brothers is also parody of Jonny Quest and similar adventure series. Bannon has a similar appearance with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence which has spawned the "Mike Pence Is Race Bannon" memes online.

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